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Welcome to The Menace's Attic!

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Each week Dennis The Menace goes up to his musical attic (his brain) to create sets of rock and roll music you’ve never heard together before and probably never will again. The songs are put together by a “loose theme” and might share some intricate musical heritage, make for the ultimate segué, or just sound good together.

Six decades are in the mix from doo-wop to British Invasion hits and rarities to punk to 80’s New Wave all topped with the best melodic rock of today. Every 7th Show is the 7" Edition where all music is played off 45 rpm records with lots of flip sides and imports in the mix. Throughout the show Dennis offers one-of-a-kind factoids about the artists and the music, gives away concert and movie tickets, and talks about his daughter Kate a lot!

This Week – Episode #763

“A Tribute To A Songwriter Who Had A Lot Of Hits That Thrilled Us In The Night And Fit Right In On The Special Adapter Required For The 7” Edition Of This Radio Show!”


Opening Song
More Today Than Yesterday – Spiral Staircase (Columbia)
Set # 1 I Figured I’d Heat Things Up By Boogie-ing A Little Deeper Into Rod’s Hits And Hit A Different Michael, A George And Some Johnson Brothers!
Sweet Freedom – Michael McDonald (MCA)
Give Me The Night – George Benson (Warner Bros.)
Stomp – Brothers Johnson (A&M)
Boogie Nights – Heatwave (Epic)
Set # 2 Get Ready For Some Music To Dance To Featuring A Boy From Da Bronx, A Bob From Detroit, Some ‘Jays From Ohio, And Some Rare Boneys From Germany.
Donna The Prima Donna – Dion (Columbia)
Lucifer – Bob Seger (Capitol)
I Love Music – The O’ Jays (Philadelphia International)
Daddy Cool – Boney M (Atco)
Set # 3 When This Orchestra Plays, The Buzz Level In The Room Becomes Exponential And That’s A Sweet Thing No One Will Ever Dare Clash With!
Turn To Stone – Electric Light Orchestra (Jet)
Fox On The Run – Sweet (Capitol)
Everybody’s Happy Nowadays – Buzzcocks (I.R.S.)
London Calling – The Clash (Epic)
Set # 4 After All That Energy In The Last Set, I Thought We Would Just Sink Into A Groove. It Was Going So Well, Until Those Buffalo Came In To Stomp and Protest!
Groovin’ – The Young Rascals (Atlantic)
Reach Out Of The Darkness – Friend and Lover (Verve Forecast)
For What It’s Worth – The Buffalo Springfield (Atco)
Closing Song
Shannon – Henry Gross (Lifesong)

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